Welcome to our 2017-2018 season. "Prof" Gallitto Youth Basketball League provides a chance to play some hoops for the kids in Middletown, starting in the third grade and up to eighth grade.

The League is split into three divisions, by school grade. "Prof" Gallitto basketball is a fun and challenging experience for all players. Our coaches are here to teach basic fundamentals of basketball and the goal is for all participants to end the season with more knowledge and skills in the game of basketball than when the season began. In order to achieve this goal, we need complete cooperation from family members. Please be supportive of all players and coaches.

Remember that everyone here is a volunteer and we are doing this for our children. So with that being said: Please show sportsmanship like conduct when attending games and practices. Children learn from example.

All games are played a Keigwin Middle School, 99 Spruce Street, Middletown.

The divisions of the "Prof" Gallitto league:

Beginner Division Grades 3 & 4
Intermediate Division Grades 5 & 6
Advanced Division Grades 7 & 8

Just a reminder from previous years, keep the gym clean.
When leaving DO NOT leave your trash behind.

Thanks to the staff at Keigwin for the use of the gym.

  SEBASTIAN "PROF" GALLITTO was an outstanding quarterback at Middletown High School and Central Connecticut State University. He had an outstanding coaching record with Middletown High School. His Basketball team won six City titles, three Conference titles and back-to-back State Championships. He was also a long time Educator and City Councilman. He was inducted into the Middletown Sports Hall of Fame in 1995.